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    Sweety bird Feeder

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    ✓ Designed to mimic the shape of real flowers
    ✓ Easy to clean & fill
    ✓ High-quality material


    Dish Feeders That Mimic Real Flowers

    Our Feeder is designed to mimic the shape and function of real flowers. They are saucer-style feeders (which minimizes leaks and makes them much easier to fill), with pyramidal feeding ports that cover the entire top surface of the feeder. Unlike many other saucers or dish feeders that just have a few feeding ports along the edge.

    The edges still have integrated perches around the entire perimeter as well, permitting birds to easily rest as they feed.

    Built-in Ant Moat

    The uni-body design makes this feeder exceptionally easy to fill and clean. By using hexagonal raised diamond geometry of ports we are able to prevent bees, wasps, and other insects from taking over the feeder which makes it even more desirable to your hummingbirds.

    Filling and Refilling

    These feeders are easy enough to fill with any nectar solution you wish; just lift the lid and pour the nectar in. Because the lids slide easily over the feeder base, you don’t even have to take the feeder down to refill it or top up the nectar levels.

    High-quality materiel

    One common complaint with hummingbird feeders is that they are often thinly constructed, and any plastic parts can easily warp or discolor through extended use. Our hummingbird feeder, however, is molded from durable, thick-gauge, UV-resistant polycarbonate, giving them exceptional strength under extreme conditions. 

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